Self Storage for Crafty People

Self Storage for Art SuppliesHas your stash of craft materials overrun your life? Yarn, cloth, buttons, paper, beads, glass, paints gathered over the years on sales that you can’t resist are just waiting in every closet and on every shelf for the right project – does that sound familiar? When you go to look for that special handspun, hand dyed yarn that you know you bought and would be just right for the project you want to start today, can you find it in all the boxes and bins that have accumulated in the closet?

And then there are the “tools of the trade” – not just the small things like needles and pins, but looms, spinning wheels, sewing machines, quilting machines, kilns, pottery wheels – the list of items that you need to make the crafts can go on and on.

Perhaps you have a number of unfinished projects that you are going to get back to someday, but you are not sure when. Perhaps you are building up a supply of finished items to sell at craft fairs or fund raisers. These all need space, which is always in short supply at home.

A self storage unit may be just the place to keep your supplies and projects, either temporarily or for a longer term.  Self storage units offer many conveniences for the overstocked craftsperson.  Moving items currently not being used out of the areas where you work reduces clutter, and gives you more space for the project of the moment.  De-cluttering your work environment often aids in focus and creativity as well.  Making a list of what you are putting in the storage unit will help finding things later, as well as giving you an inventory of the materials that you have.

Self storage facilities offer units of many sizes to fit your needs. They are easy to access and are secure.  Guardian has thirteen convenient locations throughout the Hudson Valley, so no matter where you are, you are never more than a few minutes from your unit.  Temperature controlled facilities are often available, keeping the environment within a set temperature range,  which may be important for items such as paintings, leather work,  photographs and books.  Controlled units may also help protect items from pests such as mice and termites.

Don’t get lost in your craft supplies – make room for yourself by using convenient and inexpensive self storage units.

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