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Whether you’ve recently moved houses across the country and need to get a home office set up or whether your current workspace just isn’t meeting your professional needs, you may be interested in upgrading your office space. Although you may think of home workspace updates as time-consuming or expensive, there are some do-it-yourself options that could allow you to transform your workspace in as little as one weekend. Whether your home office is based in New York or California, these five ideas brought to you by Guardian Self Storage could help you complete much-needed upgrades without draining your bank account.

1. Reorganize Your Office To Easily Access the Tools You Need for Work

First things first – you can transform the feel and practicality of your office simply by rearranging your current furniture and tools. You can start by purging any trash and other unwanted items, and then focus on moving the furniture into a more helpful arrangement.

For instance, if you regularly need to print documents, consider moving the printer to be right next to the desk. You can also purchase an organizer to keep writing utensils and professional tools at your fingertips 24/7.

2. Declutter Your Space by Placing Unnecessary Items Into a Self-Storage Unit

According to one study, having a cluttered space can lead to stress and even ill health effects. That’s why it’s crucial to remove clutter from your office. Consider which objects are unnecessary for work purposes, and try moving them into a self-storage unit instead. You may be able to:

• Get rid of items taking up space in your office
• Create a clean, crisp, calm feel in the room
• Get a bulk deal on renting a self-storage space

3. Spruce Up the Room With Unique Wallpaper and Other Personal Touches

You won’t need to spend a lot of cash to transform the feel of your office if you start by sprucing up the walls. Getting wallpaper, for instance, can have several benefits for your workspace, from offering durability and an attractive appearance to giving you the chance to customize the design for an elegant look.

If you’ve never had wallpaper in your office before, you can start with easy-to-use peel and stick wallpaper. This option comes with adhesive backing for a quick, simple application. Additionally, it can be repositioned or removed as needed, and won’t leave unwanted residue. You could pick a pre-made, standout design or design and order your own custom wallpaper.

4. Make the Room Feel Upbeat With Comfier Furniture and Mood-Boosting Details

Sometimes, just replacing a few key details can make your office feel more uplifting. If your current workspace is drab, add in a few upgrades that could boost your mood. For instance, you can:

• Swap to a padded chair and a plush office couch
• Install additional lighting or get brighter lightbulbs for the room
• Place plants and greenery near your desk
• Change the paint color of the walls, or include an accent wall

5. Keep Your Productivity on Track by Adding Key Office Equipment

Lastly, ensure that your office environment supports a productive workday by adding crucial equipment. You can purchase secondhand items or go to a discount store to save money. Make sure your office includes:
• Staplers and paper clips
• Highlighters, pencils, and pens
• A printer and paper refills
• A photocopier
• A wired internet connection
When it comes to making home office updates, there are several ideas that won’t break the bank. Try these upgrade ideas for an office transformation that goes easy on the wallet.