5 Big Reasons Why College Students Should Store Their Stuff Over Break

5 Big Reasons Why College Students Should Store Their Stuff Over Break

Self Storage for College StudentsAfter your last final is turned in and your last essay written, it’s time for winter break. This may mean that you’ll be planning a trip back to your hometown for the holidays and some long awaited home-cooking, or perhaps an opportune time to relocate to a new place with some close friends. Whatever your situation this winter break, don’t forget the value of self storage for college students.

There are many reasons you might consider storing your things during winter break.

Here are 5 of the biggest reasons:

1. The (not-so) responsible roommate: One reason you might want to consider renting a temporary storage unit may be to keep from bogging down your roommate with the responsibility of your things (or perhaps bogging your things down with the responsibility of your roommate). Using a storage facility on a month-to-month basis is a great way to keep your most valuable possessions safely behind lock-and-key in a climate-controlled environment.

2. The unprotected parking lot: Of course, some of your most valuable possessions wouldn’t fit in your dorm room, anyway. Cars, motorcycles and bicycles are especially vulnerable if left unattended in school parking lots. If automotive theft or vandalism is a concern while you’re away, a temporary storage facility may be the safest option.

3. The big move: Self storage comes in very handy for college students planning a move to a new home. Using a storage facility intermittently between residences will save you from the headache of having to move your things between point A and point B during a time-crunch – an option I wish someone had told me before trying to move all of my things between apartments in a single day.

4. The upcoming semester abroad: Many students will be spending a semester abroad in the spring. Having a safe and secure place to keep your valuables will add peace of mind while you sip your latte in France or travel to unknown places. Whether you are subletting or simply ending your lease while you are away, self storage units are a popular option for many headed abroad next semester.

5. The savings: Carting all your belonging home can be expensive. Self storage units are a cost effective way to keep your stuff safe over winter break. (And right now we’re having a sale for Hudson Valley college students! Get 20% off your first three months of storage or get a free Dorm Kit when you rent a unit.) Think of what you can do with the extra money you’ll save over break or during your upcoming semester abroad!

This last semester has been a busy one, filled with tests and discussions, and a good amount of sleepless nights. But after it’s all been said and done, nothing will recharge your batteries better than a trip back home.

So take the time to enjoy your winter break – the home-cooked meals and free laundry service – and do so knowing that everything is being taken good care of back at school thanks to the rental of your storage unit.

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