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Whether you’re the owner of a retail business in the Hudson Valley area or a festive homeowner, the ability to properly store and maximize self storage during and after the holidays can save you time and money. On one hand, properly storing your Christmas and holiday decorations at the end of each season in a sensible way can make it exponentially easier for you to recall where everything is. 

At the same time, it can prevent your festive ornaments from being damaged or broken. Even if your decorations are relatively inexpensive, the costs can quickly add up. As such, it makes dollars and sense to properly store decorations. 

Instead of mindlessly throwing Christmas tree ornaments, lights, inflatables, and wreaths into random boxes, using a little bit of strategy can go a very long way. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the top best practices we’ve seen from other Christmas decoration gurus at Guardian Self Storage. 

And if you’re looking for convenient self storage in the Hudson Valley, we offer 14 convenient locations throughout Dutchess County, Orange County, and Ulster County. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. 

Think and Store Like Pro

When most people put up Christmas or seasonal decorations following each holiday, they simply stuff things in a box and toss it into storage. However, you may be creating more work with this method. Storing decorations in this manner usually means New Year, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas decorations are on top or up front while Valentines, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decorations are in the back or bottom. 

This means next year, when Valentine’s Day arrives, you will have to unpack and dig through all of the other decorations to access all of your cupids, hearts, bows, and arrows. Fortunately, you don’t have to make this mistake. 

Instead, it’s best to strategically store, chronologically organize, and save time. This way, you can spend less time sifting through boxes and more time meeting the needs of your customers or enjoying your family. 

Make a List…And Check It Twice

When you’re placing Christmas decorations away in storage, it’s a best practice to make a note of everything you store. This can serve two different purposes. On one hand, you will know everything you already have for next year. 

On the other hand, you can make a list of desirable decorations. While this may not be as prevalent for in home decorations, this can be a lifesaver for outside decorations. If you’re a true enthusiast about outdoor lighting extravaganzas, the prime time to purchase new lights is the day after Christmas and throughout the year. By keeping a list, you will know everything that you have on hand as well as any areas for improvements. 

Give Old Linen or Christmas Linens Double Duty 

Everyone has old towels or old linens that have seen their best days. But before you go out and purchase bubble wrap or purchase a ton of old newspaper, you can use your old linen and towels to protect your delicate Christmas decorations. 

Simply wrap your collectible Christmas tree ornaments and other fragile decorations with any holiday linens. In doing so, you can kill two birds with one stone:

  1. Protect all of the Christmas fragiles that need a little extra cushion
  2. Keep all of your Holiday linens and threads together, so everything can be pulled out next year in one foul swoop. 

Save Money with Innovative Ornament Storage Techniques

When you’re storing Christmas ornaments, it’s important to do it with soft yet firm cushioning. While you can always go out and choose one of the speciality containers made just for this, simply go to your kitchen! 

Old egg cartons are perfect for protecting smaller, fragile Christmas ornaments. Got larger, more oddly shaped ornaments? In most instances, red plastic cups or foam coffee cups make the perfect containers. 

Or you can wrap your ornaments in a coffee filter prior to storing. Once you wrap the ornaments in styrofoam cups or with coffee filters, simply place them upright in a storage container or shallow bin. 

Store Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro

Whether you’re a business or an individual, there is a right and wrong way to store your imitation Christmas tree. First things first, any plastic Christmas tree should be taken apart section by section. 

The goal is to remove sections, so the limbs fold neatly toward the center. To ensure the tree is compact, you can use twine or zip ties to help it hold the shape. If you have the original box the tree came in, store the tree back in it. 

However, if you’ve already thrown the original box away, you can opt for bubble wrap or purchasing a tree storage bag. And to prevent your tree from being damaged by moisture, make sure you store it in a non-humid climate. 

Contact Guardian Self Storage of Hudson Valley 

If you’re looking for the best way to store Christmas and holiday decorations in the Hudson Valley, Guardian Self Storage offers several versatile self-storage options. Whether you’re in Dutchess County, Orange County, Ulster County, or anywhere else in the Hudson Valley, you can easily find one of our 14 convenient locations. 

Best of all, you will never have to worry about your decorations being stolen by thieves or damaged by the elements. We offer temperature control storage units with convenient loading docks for easy unloading and loading. As the best self-storage facility in the Hudson Valley, you can choose from a vast selection of room sizes, hassle-free drive up locations, ample outdoor parking, and free use of our truck (restrictions apply). 

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