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Storing cars and motorcycles is the best way to protect them if you won’t be using them for longer than two or three months. It’s not that difficult and in less than an hour or two, your vehicles should be ready for storage. Once you have a storage space in mind, the following tips will keep your car or motorcycle in good shape.

Wash Inside and Out

Wash and thoroughly detail your car or motorcycle. Wipe it down on the outside to prevent any spotting or moisture from collecting in the creases or seams. If you have a car, wipe down the interior from top to bottom and vacuum the floors and seats.

Buy a Cover

Even if you are storing your car or motorcycle inside, you will want to buy a good cover. This will keep dust from collecting on it and will prevent any damage if something should happen to fall on it. A snug-fitting cover will also keep small animals from trying to get inside the car. You should be able to find a decent cover for less than $100. It’s well worth the price if it will prevent any type of damage to your vehicle.

Top Off Your Fluids

Top off all of your fluids with fresh. Add a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank to prevent it from gelling up in the winter. You will want to change your oil and flush your radiator when you remove your car from storage, so adding fresh now will keep things in good shape until you are ready to put it back on the road.

Disconnect and Remove the Battery

When you put a motorcycle or car in storage, never leave the battery hooked up. Disconnect the battery and place it on a shelf. This will prevent any corrosion from occurring and will make it easier for you to start when you take it out of storage.

Putting your car or motorcycle in storage is the best way to keep it safe when it isn’t being used. It doesn’t take a lot of work and will save you time and money in the long run.