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Storage chain opens location in former bowling alley In one of his trademark routines, George Carlin ranted that “all life is about is trying to find a place for your stuff,” pointing out that an entire industry is dedicated to keeping an eye on people’s stuff. (After his death in 2008, Carlin’s stuff was donated to the National Comedy Center in Jamestown, Ohio.) That industry is known as “self storage,” and it’s booming. Case in point: the conversion of the former Southern Dutchess Bowl on...
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April Employee Spotlight: Amy Bornander

Amy's picApril's employee spotlight is on traveling property manager Amy Bornander! As a traveling property manager Amy works at 8 of our 13 locations giving her a unique perspective that a lot of our single location managers may not have. We love having Amy as part of our team, read her interview to find out more about her! How long have you been with Guardian Self Storage?

Close to 2 years

What Guardian...
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Storing in a Tough Situation

Guardian Self Storage Property Managers help customers through emotional times

Some self storage customers come to us simply because they need extra space, but for some the need for self storage accompanies a life changing experience. Sometimes the change is a positive one, an upcoming marriage or relocation for a new job. However, sometimes the change is upsetting such as a divorce, eviction or death in the family. Intense emotions can impact decision-making and the ability to think clearly, which is why our property managers are...
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Tips and Tricks from the Pros: Storing

Tips for Storing your items in a self storage unitWe’re back for our fifth and final installment of our mini series featuring tips and tricks from our very own experts- Guardian Self Storage Property Managers. If you’ve followed the series from the beginning you have read their insight on moving, packing, unpacking and de-cluttering. If you missed a part, we recommend checking out our blog to catch up! In today’s article our Property Managers will share...
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Employee Spotlight of the Month: Anita Germano

IMG_1761March's Employee Spotlight of the Month is on Hyde Park Property Manager Anita Germano. Anita has been a part of the Guardian Self Storage family for nearly 20 years and she is truly our student connection. Because our Hyde Park location is so close to both Marist and the Culinary Institute of America, Anita is always working with the students and their parents to provide them with the storage solutions they need. Read her interview to learn...
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Tips and Tricks from the Pros – Decluttering

MessWe’re back for part four of our five-part mini series featuring tips and tricks from our very own experts – Guardian Self Storage Property Managers! Today’s article will help you de-clutter and transform your space – whether it’s your house, office or storage unit. Being in a cluttered environment can cause you to feel overwhelmed and ultimately cause you to push off de-cluttering because it seems like a huge mountain to climb. Read our Property Managers’...
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Tips and Tricks from the Pros – Unpacking

Welcome back to part three our five-part mini series featuring tips and tricks from our very own experts – Guardian Self Storage Property Managers. Today’s article will feature tips and tricks on unpacking your boxes in an organized and efficient manner. If you’ve ever unpacked from a move before, it is no secret things can get a little messy. Between trying to decide exactly where your furniture will go in your new home and sorting through your knick-knacks it can seem like a never-ending battle...
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Tips and Tricks From the Pros – Packing

Tips-Storing-Fragile-Items-Guardian-Self-StorageWelcome back to part two of our five-part mini series featuring tips and tricks from our very own experts – Guardian Self Storage Property Managers. In this article you will see their tips and tricks about packing. Our property managers have seen countless boxes piled into tons of storage units, making them knowledgeable in what works and what should never be attempted again. Check out their tips and tricks below so you’ll know exactly how to...
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January Employee Spotlight – Chris Brown

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESimage001(5)January's employee spotlight is on Warwick and Chester Property Manager Chris Brown! Chris has been with Guardian Self Storage for almost 5 years now and has definitely proven himself to be a huge part of our team. Last year he went from managing one property, Warwick, to managing both Warwick and Chester! We are so glad to have him as part of our team. Read his interview...
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Tips and Tricks from the Pros – Moving

Welcome to part one of a five-part mini series featuring tips and tricks from our very own moving experts – Guardian Self Storage Property Managers.  Our first part will feature their tips and tricks about moving, which we all know can be a stressful, chaotic time. Whether you’re moving down the street or across the country, their insight can help you have a stress-free, organized move. Without further ado, here are the tips and tricks! Preparing for the move:

Be as prepared as...

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Labor Day

Please be advised: In observance of Labor Day, all Guardian Self Storage locations will be closed Monday, September 3rd. Thank you and have a good holiday weekend.