Holiday Decoration Storage

The Holiday Season is Right Around the Corner

Christmas ornaments in cardboard box.Fall is here, and that means the holidays are just around the corner! Decorating is a fun way to show your holiday spirit, whether it is for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday you may celebrate. Many people keep their seasonal decorations in a storage unit since storage space at home is limited and with the holidays being so close together, it can be...
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Causing a Stink!

Managing Stink Bugs in Your Home and Storage Unit

Stink BugsDespite everyone’s best efforts to maintain a clean and pest-free environment, sometimes stink bugs still find their way in! The stink bugs, which have made their Fall arrival in the Hudson Valley, seem to be everywhere. It is important to remember that they are attracted to warm, comfortable places to spend their winter and taking extra steps to keep them out of your home and storage unit...
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Employee Spotlight: Rich DeWitt

Meet One of Our Property Managers, Rich DeWitt

At Guardian Self Storage, we know that we are only as great as the employees we have and because of that fact we would like our customers to get to know our staff through a series of employee bios. Our first employee is with Rich DeWitt, a Property Manager at Guardian Self Storage who constantly impresses our customers with his upbeat attitude and attention to detail. We hope you enjoy getting to know Rich as much as we enjoy...
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Fall Cleaning Checklist

The Crisp Air Outside Means it is Time for Fall Cleaning!

  Rain gutter full of autumn leaves and a baseballAutumn is here and that means crisp apples, glowing pumpkins, cool mornings and beautiful foliage across the Hudson Valley. It also means that it is time to being the fall cleaning process to get ready for the upcoming winter. We have prepared a fall cleaning checklist to help you pack away your summer fun and prepare you...
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The Advantages of Using Storage as a College Student

Move-in Day is Quickly Approaching

Student portrait in front of dormitory at college with familyAs a college student who lives in a dorm or an off-campus apartment, moving all of your belongings from school to home or maybe if you’re the ambitious type, another country, is a constant struggle. Using a storage unit is a great way to keep your things organized, and in one place. College starts up in the fall, so before you move in to your...
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How to Make the Most out of Your Yard Sale

From Planning to Pricing, There is a lot to Consider When Having a Yard Sale

Yard sale signWhen planning a yard sale there are many things to consider. Without consideration of these key event planning tactics, a yard sale could turn into a complete waste of money and time. The first thing that needs to be taken into account is when you will have the yard sale. A weekend, during the spring, summer and fall seasons with nice sunny weather...
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Defeat Office Disarray with a Storage Unit

  Businessman working in office on laptop. Messy table with a lotAs we all know office space comes at a price, and using that space to its full advantage correlates with running an efficient, and productive business. Sometimes it just isn’t worth buying or renting additional office space just to store excess belongings, and that is where a storage unit can be a good investment. Especially if you’re a growing business and additional purchases need to be made,...
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Upcycling Your Old Mason Jars

Creating Fun Household Items and Gifts with Your Old Mason Jars

It seems like everyone has an old mason jar or two lying around his or her home or storage unit. Rather then letting them sit there and collect dust, imagine if you could transform them into a cute centerpiece or a light fixture! There are seemingly endless ways to upcycle old mason jars into cute and practical household items; here are a few of our favorites. 1. Light Fixtures These mason jar light fixtures have a charming...
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DIY Summer Activities

Summer Vacation is Right Around the Corner!

Try these fun DIY summer activities to keep your kids entertained all summer long.

  School's Out With warm weather upon us and summer vacation right around the corner, moms everywhere are looking for ideas to keep their kids occupied this summer. At Guardian Self Storage, we know that outdoor play equipment can be pricey, so we have put together a list of our top 10 DIY backyard play spaces for kids. 1....
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Pack Like a Pro: Packing Tips For Your Move

Pack and Protect Your Belongings Like a Pro

  Every day people move into new homes, however more people move in the summer. Whether it is the allure of being able to enjoy your new house in beautiful weather or people simply avoiding a frigid move, we are unsure. One thing we know for certain is how to pack for the move. Fragile signEvery one accumulates stuff they no longer need or want over time. Why waste precious space in...
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Labor Day

Please be advised: In observance of Labor Day, all Guardian Self Storage locations will be closed Monday, September 3rd. Thank you and have a good holiday weekend.