Causing a Stink!

Managing Stink Bugs in Your Home and Storage Unit

Stink BugsDespite everyone’s best efforts to maintain a clean and pest-free environment, sometimes stink bugs still find their way in! The stink bugs, which have made their Fall arrival in the Hudson Valley, seem to be everywhere. It is important to remember that they are attracted to warm, comfortable places to spend their winter and taking extra steps to keep them out of your home and storage unit is beneficial.

For your storage unit:

1. Do not store food in your storage unit

2. Do not attempt to grow or store plants in your unit

3. Keep the inside of your unit swept clean of any leaves or trash

For your home:

1. Keep outside lights off when not in use and use curtains/blinds at night to block the light from inside your home

2. If you see stink bugs, do not crush them! It had been shown that the smell a stink bug releases upon being crushed actually attracts more! If you spray them with soapy water, their protective exterior will break down and dehydrate them. Using mild dish soap is recommended as the safest option.

3. Try some of these home remedies for deterring the pests

  • Garlic Spray- Mix 2 cups of water and 4 tsp. garlic powder in a spray bottle and apply to plant leaves, window sills and door frames. Stink bugs dislike garlic’s potent odor and will steer clear when it is nearby.
  • Mint Spray- Mix 2 cups of water and 10 drops of mint oil in a spray bottle. Spray around windows, entryways and stink bug hideouts. The mint odor is strong enough to repel the stink bugs.
  • Catnip- Sprinkling catnip around your home and garden, especially the areas where stink bugs hideout will scare them away. Catnip is also an herbal plant that can be grown in your garden if long-term stink bug defense is appealing to you!

Wherever stink bugs are bothering you, just know that there are solutions other than crushing them and having to deal with their pungent odor! As always, acting fast will provide better results. Once stink bugs think they’ve found a cozy spot to spend their winter, they will invite their friends to stay, too!

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