December Employee Spotlight: Erica Stockdale

December’s Employee Spotlight is on Fishkill Property Manager, Erica Stockdale. Erica has been with Guardian Self Storage for just about four years now and the customers love her! To learn more about her and why she is such an important member of the Guardian Self Storage family, read her interview below!

How long have you been with Guardian Self Storage?
Almost 4 years

What Guardian Property/Properties do you work at?

What is your favorite part about working at Guardian Self Storage? EVERYTHING! I love working for Guardian.

In your opinion, what sets Guardian apart from all of the other self-storage companies out there?
The managers. I think that we really care about getting people what they need.

What are some of the most interesting things you’ve seen stored?
One of my customers created a model train workshop. He likes to assemble and paint them in privacy from his family.

At the location(s) you work at, what are the types of units that people rent the most?
Depends what they need. Most like the outside easy drive up units, but I stay pretty occupied in the one hallway I have also.

Tell us more about you; what are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?
I love to cook and spend time with friends, I like to swim in the summer and read indoors in the winter.

What type of advice would you give someone who has never stored anything before and is trying to decide what type of unit to use and how to pack their unit?
Compact, stand and stack. The higher you can stack the more space you utilize. Also, put the things you least likely are to need in the back, and save yourself the hassle of having to take everything out.

Do you have a favorite customer?
No. I have some extremely “unique” people that store with me. I find a few of them quite entertaining.

What is the longest you have ever worked with a customer before getting them into a storage unit?
6 months in back and forth contact on determining the best location and price for their needs.

What has been your most heartfelt experience at Guardian Self Storage?
One of my customers was getting out of an abusive relationship in which they found it necessary to hide the fact they got a storage unit. They had only been to the facility once in the few months they had rented the unit and finally had a chance to come and put some stuff in. They found it very difficult to remember their unit number and was extremely frazzled by the whole situation and was almost in tears trying to get in as they had limited time to access in their situation. I made up a math equation for them to write down in order to remember the unit number, in which their partner would not be able to determine what it meant. They were so happy that they wouldn’t have to continuously think to hide this, they started to tear up and hugged me. They blessed me and acted as if I was an angel. It was very sweet something so small, could make someone so happy.

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