Defeat Holiday Clutter with Self Storage Units

Defeat Holiday Clutter with Self Storage Units


Self Storage Units for Holiday SuppliesWith the holidays approaching, it’s time to start thinking about gifts, parties, out-of-town guests, and all the other exciting things that come this time of year. There are decorations to put up, meals to be cooked, and a long list of preparations to be made. Staying organized and keeping clutter at bay will make sure your holiday plans go off without a hitch and that there’s plenty of space for your guests, gifts, and parties.

Staying Organized: Declutter

The first step in keeping your home organized is to get rid of the clutter. It sounds like an easy step, however, as you start going through items it can be difficult to choose what should stay and what should go. There are also a lot of seasonal items to contend with: Christmas trees and decorations, garden decorations, spooky Halloween setups and fall scarecrows and hay bales. You may not need direct access to these items every day while they take up valuable closet space, but getting rid of them doesn’t make sense either. Add to the mix any sentimental items like family photo albums, items you may have inherited such as furniture pieces or large decorations, and you’ve got yourself one packed home.

The Solution: Self Storage Units

All these items can be kept clean, dry and safe in a storage unit and they will all be there when you’re ready. Keep the larger items that you know you won’t be using right away towards the back of the unit, and keep your seasonal rotation in clearly labeled totes right upfront to make swapping out easy. You can even use self storage units as a decluttering “holding zone” where you move items that you think you’re ready to get rid of but can’t quite make the move. If it sits in storage for six months without being missed, it’ll be easier for you to get rid of it for good.

Cost Analysis

Jenny Young, in a guest post on Phoenix Zen’s organizing blog, has done the math on a few items she likes to keep in storage. Comparing the cost of keeping Christmas and other holiday decorations in self storage units vs. buying new ones each year, it’s more economical to stash them away. Also, family valuables and heirlooms such as the family silver may be difficult to use in your current situation, but further on down the road it would be useful to have the formal serving pieces. Surely the cost of a storage unit is less that a full set of silver.

Self storage units aren’t just for families on the move anymore. They can be useful tools for keeping our homes organized and clutter-free. Rotating seasonal items out of the home, keeping family heirlooms safe, and having a staging ground for determining which items should be permanently disposed of can give you more room in your home for the things you do every day. Having clutter-free workspaces means preparing holiday meals and goodies will be easier, you’ll have more room for entertaining guests, and you’ll have plenty of room for the gifts you’re sure to receive.

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