DIY Summer Activities

Summer Vacation is Right Around the Corner!

Try these fun DIY summer activities to keep your kids entertained all summer long.


School's Out

With warm weather upon us and summer vacation right around the corner, moms everywhere are looking for ideas to keep their kids occupied this summer. At Guardian Self Storage, we know that outdoor play equipment can be pricey, so we have put together a list of our top 10 DIY backyard play spaces for kids.

1. Backyard Twister

For this DIY activity, all you need is a piece of cardboard, some scissors, and spray paint. Just cut a circle into the cardboard to use as a stencil and spray paint 6 circles of green, yellow, blue, and red. The bonus? After mowing the lawn once or twice, the spray paint will be gone and there is no more clean up!

 2. DIY Ring Toss

Have an old end table lying around? Paint it a bright color and turn it upside down! Use some rope and duct tape it into a ring. You now have a ring toss game the kids will enjoy for hours!

3. Clothesline Tent

Throw some sheets and blankets over a clothesline to make a tent for those hot, sunny days. Grab some sandwiches and juice boxes and have a picnic under the shade!

4. Football Passing Game

Cut some large shapes into an old tarp and line edges with duct tape. With a marker, designate each shape a different point amount and let the competition begin.

5. DIY Slip and Slide

What is more fun on a hot day then playing in the water? You don’t need to have a pool to spend the day cooling off and having fun! Put an old heavy duty drop cloth on a hill, pin it down with some garden stakes and then spray it down with the hose or some buckets of water. Your kids will have so much fun they will not want to stop!

 6. DIY Obstacle Course

If your kids are feeling a bit adventurous or have some extra energy to burn off, building them an obstacle course will be the highlight of their day (if you already created the DIY Slip and Slide from earlier, it will be even easier for you!) All you need are some hula-hoops for them to jump, crawl, or dive through, some pool noodles to jump over, a ladder to skip through, a slip and slide to slide down, and a kiddy pool at the end for them to hop in. Chances are, they will do it over and over again.

 7. DIY Bubbles

All kids love bubbles, but why spend the money on them when they are so easy to make at home? To make your own colored bubbles use 1-cup soap powder, 1-quart warm water, and liquid food coloring to your liking. Your kids will love the bubbles of all different colors!

 8. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Sending your kids on a nature scavenger hunt will keep them busy for hours! Create a list of things for them to find such as different kinds of flowers, items of certain shapes or colors, different shaped twigs or rocks, and items of different textures. Attach the list to a brown paper bag and send them outside. Not only will they be having fun, but they will also be engaging their inner explorer and learning about nature!

 9. Ice Block Treasure Hunt

Put some small plastic toys in a bucket, fill the bucket with some water, and put in the freezer. Give the kids some small tools such as a hammer or screwdriver and let them pick at the ice and “unearth” the hidden treasures. They will have a blast and want to do it again and again!

 10. DIY Box City

If you have just moved or have some big cardboard boxes lying around, this is the way to get perfect use out of them! Turn the boxes upside down and cut holes big enough to crawl through and maybe a window or two. Your kids’ imagination will take over from there and they will play for hours in their spaceship, school, car, or grocery store. Bonus… It will be fun for you to see your kids imagine new worlds and act out their ideas!

Enjoy the summer vacation with your kids and their new outdoor play spaces! You never know, you may be creating some of their favorite memories!

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