Dorm Room Storage Hacks

Moving into a dorm with new roommates can be tricky!

Self Storage for College Students in Poughkeepsie, NYWhen moving into a dorm, you’re faced with the realization that you will now be sharing a very small room with one, two or even three people you may have never met before. Sharing a small dorm room means you’ll have to get creative to make more space to keep your stuff! Here are some dorm room organization hacks to get you through the year!

1. Use cascading hangers to increase closet storage capacity. Don’t have cascading hangers? Put a soda can tab on the hanger and use the other hole for another hanger!

2. If your dorm allows, use bed risers to increase storage space underneath your bed. Some even have built in outlets so you have more space to plug in!

3. Use over the door shoe organizers. You can use these space saving organizers for just about anything! Snacks, accessories and supplies could all fit… or you could just use it for more shoes!

4. Get some cute ottomans with built in storage for books, shoes, blankets, or coats.  Not only do they give you extra storage, but also add a pop of color to the beige box you’ll call home until May!

5. Organize those power cords by clipping binder clips to the edge of your desk and pulling the cords through the loops. Say goodbye to the days of crawling on the floor to find that cord that dropped behind the desk.

6. Utilize all the vertical space you can by stacking! Put that microwave on top of the mini fridge… and then put a small set stackable plastic bins on top of that to store utensils, condiments, paper products, or more food!

Perhaps our most important tip… Remember that you are sharing the space with your roommate(s) and they have just as much stuff as you do! Keep the peace by not taking up more space than you have to!

If you’re finding you’re still cramped for space, a small storage unit close to campus could be beneficial! Store your off season clothes, shoes and sports equipment to maximize your closet space for what you’re actually wearing!

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