Employee Spotlight: George Fatizzi

Meet George Fatizzi!

Continuing our mgeorgeonthly employee spotlight, this month’s featured employee is Guardian Self Storage Property Manager George Fatizzi! George has only been with us for a short amount of time but has made a huge impact on our customers! We have received great reviews from our customers including a 4.5 star rating on SpareFoot and this wonderful comment via email;

“My experience with storage was my first in 50 years. George Fatizzi assured me that all would be well. Several times I relied on his patience and understanding, helping me with door closure, my inability to get my key to work, and a few other problems. He even trudged through the rain once to help. Since I am a senior and a widow, it was gratifying to rely on someone willing to patiently help. I felt secure, comfortable and safe with George. I am sure he is an asset to the company.”

We are so glad to have George as a part of our team! Take a minute to read his responses to our interview questions to see why!

1. How long have you been with Guardian Self Storage?

I’m one of the new kids on the block so only about 8 months.

2. What Guardian Property/Properties do you work at?

I work at the Saugerties location just outside of the village of Saugerties where I live.

3. What is your favorite part about working at Guardian Self Storage?

The friendly interaction with my tenants, providing a service for people who are in need of storage and helping them make the decision that best suits that need.

4. In your opinion, what sets Guardian apart from all of the other self-storage companies out there?

That’s easy! Without a doubt it is the excellent service we provide our customers as well as the beautifully landscaped properties we maintain. Guardian Self storage properties stand out in their communities with pride and the property managers  treat each one as if they were the owners themselves!

5. What are some of the most interesting things you’ve seen stored?

So far, a 4 foot high chocolate Santa Claus is the winner.

6. At the location(s) you work at, what are the types of units that people rent the most?

Well that depends on the time of year but at this facility, the most popular seem to be 5X10s followed by 10X10s. Almost all of my temperature controlled units are usually rented as well, regardless of size. They are always in demand.

7. Tell us more about you; what are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

Well, I’ve been a singing drummer for over 35 years and currently play weekends in the Hudson Valley area with my classic rock band Hot Rod. I also enjoy metal detecting and radio controlled cars and trucks as hobbies.

8. What type of advice would you give someone who has never stored anything before and is trying to decide what type of unit to use and how to pack their unit?

First I would determine if they needed the storage for short/long term and what exactly they will be storing to decide if they need a conventional or temperature controlled unit. Then I would inform them that the best and most efficient use of the space is to “stand and stack” what they can to maximize their space. Also, it is important to find out if the customer plans on accessing the unit regularly or if they will simply be packing it full and storing long term and just be moving out the next time they visit. This way, I can recommend the proper size and packing technique that best suits them.

9. Do you have a favorite customer?

I actually have a few but one in particular I really enjoy seeing when he comes in the office. He is a slightly handicapped Vietnam vet that always has a great story and a positive attitude and outlook on life.

10. What is the longest you have ever worked with a customer before getting them into a storage unit?

So far about 4 months. I guess persistence does pay off eventually! I have heard other property managers say they have pursued a customer for a year or more so I guess 4 months isn’t so bad!

 11.What has been your most heartfelt experience at Guardian Self Storage?

Actually, for me, it’s simply having the opportunity to be employed by them. They are an excellent support network of co-workers that never fail to help each other out. The company as a whole takes that one step further into the communities that our properties inhabit. The annual coat drive Guardian runs for the needy every October is a perfect example of this to me in the short time I’ve been an associate here. I’m proud to be a part of the Guardian family!


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