Employee Spotlight: Judy Motter

Meet our General Manager, Judy!

Judy Interview PictureJudy Motter is the General Manager of Guardian Self Storage. Take a minute to get to know Judy, we know you’ll think she’s great! We sure do!

1. How long have you been with Guardian Self Storage?

28 years & counting

 2. What Guardian Property/Properties do you work at?

I have the privilege of being the General Manager. I supervise all 13 properties. I do have an office in New Windsor however, I work portably with my laptop.

 3. What is your favorite part about working at Guardian Self Storage?

The people. I sincerely enjoy the people I work with; they are warm, caring, honest & hard working. I also enjoy our customers. They are such a diverse group with various life experiences, stories & situations. Because we are a month to month rental, we see several of our customers regularly & therefore establish friendly relationships. It is a pleasure to chat with them & catch up on the progress of their move or home construction.

 4. In your opinion, what sets Guardian apart from all of the other self storage companies out there?

The staff & the properties. Everyone that works here believes in a balance between customer & company. They are a well-trained group of professionals that treat customers with respect and fairness. At the same time, they understand the importance of adhering to company policy.

 5. What are some of the most interesting things you’ve seen stored?

The most interesting thing I have ever seen in a storage unit was a home away from home. A customer brought in a desk, comfy chair, put a carpet on the floor, hung tapestries on the walls to soften the space & spent his down time in the unit. He did not affix anything to the walls, so no damage was done. The space was quite comfortable and it allowed him time to decompress.

 6. At the location(s) you work at, what are the types of units that people rent the most?

In my experience, the most popular size is a 10×10. It is a midsize storage unit so it is adequate room for most while also being very affordable.

 7. Tell us more about you; what are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

Faith and family come first for me. Outside of that, my favorite things can be very diverse. I enjoy the tranquility of reading a book on the beach but I have also been known to jump out of a perfectly good airplane just for the thrill of it!

 8. What type of advice would you give someone who has never stored anything before and is trying to decide what type of unit to use and how to pack their unit?

Be forthcoming with what you are storing as well as any concerns you may have & then let the manager guide you. The majority of the people that work here have over 10 years’ experience in the storage industry. They know what they are doing & they want to help. If you get someone on the phone that just gives you a size & a price, you got the wrong person. Storage is not ‘one size fits all’ so feel free to ask questions & get advice.

 9. Do you have a favorite customer?

I have several actually. As I recall them sitting here, the list is quite long. Each one brings a smile to my face because they are special in their own way.

 10. What is the longest you have ever worked with a customer before getting them into a storage unit? 

I cannot recall.

 11. What has been your most heartfelt experience at Guardian Self Storage?

I would have to say every single Christmas Party. As with most people, that tends to be the time of the year that I reflect back over the past year & I am always struck by how blessed I am. I work for a family I love & respect. I work with a group of people that I consider family. I have some of the most interesting, caring & fun customers you could ever want to meet.



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