Employee Spotlight of the Month: Anita Germano

IMG_1761March’s Employee Spotlight of the Month is on Hyde Park Property Manager Anita Germano. Anita has been a part of the Guardian Self Storage family for nearly 20 years and she is truly our student connection. Because our Hyde Park location is so close to both Marist and the Culinary Institute of America, Anita is always working with the students and their parents to provide them with the storage solutions they need. Read her interview to learn more about Anita!

How long have you been with Guardian Self Storage?

I started working for Guardian Self Storage Oct 2 1989 worked for almost 5 years left to have my 2nd child. I came back to work on Feb. 11, 2002 which makes 14 years, so altogether over 19 years.

What Guardian Property/Properties do you work at?

I am in Hyde Park but over the years I have worked at several other locations.

What is your favorite part about working at Guardian Self Storage?

My favorite part about working for Guardian Self Storage is the relationships I have developed over the years with my customers and my Guardian Self Storage family.

In your opinion, what sets Guardian apart from all of the other self-storage companies out there?

What sets us apart from other Self-storage companies is us the employees, we all care about our customers.

What are some of the most interesting things you’ve seen stored?

Over the years there is not much I haven’t seen LOL But I would have to say a 8ft Sully from Monsters Inc and a 9ft Buddha statue was most interesting

At the location(s) you work at, what are the types of units that people rent the most?

The Hyde Park location is right up the road from the CIA and Marist college so students do keep me busy with the smaller sizes 4×4’s and 5×5’s but 10×30’s are also popular for business storage.

Tell us more about you; what are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

My favorite thing to do outside of work is spending time with my family, and our cat Binx. I have a son Michael and a daughter Marissa who are all grown with lives of their own but I enjoy when we can all get together with their significant others Sami and Tyler and I can cook them dinner and just spend time with them. I also enjoy getting away for a few days with my husband Rick when we both can get time off of work or we just go for a long motorcycle rides. This month is our 25 year wedding anniversary and we will be going on a cruise, I can’t wait!

What type of advice would you give someone who has never stored anything before and is trying to decide what type of unit to use and how to pack their unit?

The best advice I can give someone who has never used storage before is to call us or stop in so we can show the units and guide them to the correct size.

Do you have a favorite customer?

All of my customers are important to me, but I would have to say my favorite customers are the ones who have come back to use storage with me 2, 3 or even 4 times over the years.

What is the longest you have ever worked with a customer before getting them into a storage unit?

The longest I remember working with a customer was almost 2 years…and he is still renting with us now

What has been your most heartfelt experience at Guardian Self Storage?

I opened the Hyde Park site back in 1991; I have customers that are still storing with me so over the years I have heard about their marriages, divorces, jobs, children, grandchildren and now some of their retirements. So throughout the years there have been so many heartfelt moments I have shared with my customers.

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