Employee Spotlight of the Month: Jay Velez

Jay Velez Interview PicMarch’s Employee Spotlight of the Month is Chester Property Manager, Jay Velez. Jay has been with Guardian Self Storage for about two years and has been a great asset to our team! We interviewed Jay about his time with us, check out his answers below!

How long have you been with Guardian Self Storage?

About two years.

What Guardian Property/Properties do you work at?

The Chester, NY location.

What is your favorite part about working at Guardian Self Storage?

I like interacting with the many different personalities that walk through my door.

In your opinion, what sets Guardian apart from all of the other self-storage companies out there?

Guardian runs probably the cleanest, best maintained storage units I’ve ever seen. All the managers are friendly decent people and that shines through to our clients.

What are some of the most interesting things you’ve seen stored?

Aside from a few cool old cars, I think the most interesting thing I’ve seen stored was old movie props.

At the location(s) you work at, what are the types of units that people rent the most?

Most of my clients are in between houses or downsizing so I would say the most popular units are 10×10 followed by 5×10 for people looking to free up a little extra space.

Tell us more about you; what are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

Well I like working with technology so when I’m not chasing after my daughter I do some computer related projects for friends and family fixing the odd PC here and there. I enjoy teaching myself new things.

What type of advice would you give someone who has never stored anything before and is trying to decide what type of unit to use and how to pack their unit?

Anyone considering storage should always remember that they are renting every square inch of that unit. Packing the space as efficiently as possible is the key to getting the most value out of your rental. As for packing, if you buy mattress bags to keep them from being soiled make sure you poke some holes or wrap them loosely. With traditional storage any humidity trapped in the mattress can condense on the inside of the plastic. This can lead to unwanted mold growth if you do not let it breath with changing temperatures; the same goes for sofas.

Do you have a favorite customer?

The majority of my clients are wonderful it’s hard to pick a favorite. I have one person that resells things he finds at yard sales and some of the things stumbles across are pretty cool.

What is the longest you have ever worked with a customer before getting them into a storage unit?

Here at Chester, most people have a pretty clear time table when it comes time to rent. Occasionally there are some customers that are on the fence about renting a unit. The longest I have ever worked with someone is four months.

What has been your most heartfelt experience at Guardian Self Storage?

I would say the most heartfelt experience I’ve had here involved a woman who was fleeing an abusive relationship. She was rushing so no one would notice she had gone and I completed the fastest rental I’d ever done. She was so grateful I helped her in her time of need she was crying. It was a rewarding feeling being able to help in whatever way I could.

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