The Advantages of Using Storage as a College Student

Move-in Day is Quickly Approaching

Student portrait in front of dormitory at college with familyAs a college student who lives in a dorm or an off-campus apartment, moving all of your belongings from school to home or maybe if you’re the ambitious type, another country, is a constant struggle. Using a storage unit is a great way to keep your things organized, and in one place.

College starts up in the fall, so before you move in to your first home away from home you will have to purchase an entire inventory of life sustaining material such as bedding, storage bins, school supplies and small appliances. All of these items take up a lot of room and when it comes time to head home for the summer or overseas for a semester abroad, all of these things have to go somewhere. For some, your house parents’ house might not have the most storage space. For others, home may simply be too far and your car may be too small. Either way, there are options!

Using a storage unit is the best alternative to storing all of you college belongings when you’re away from school. An easily accessible storage unit with Guardian Storage will make the constant transition of moving as simple and convenient as possible. There are even climate-controlled units available!

With there being four large colleges in the area, Guardian Storage not only has convenient, close locations, but also knows how to help! Our dorm kits are only $14.99 and include;

  • 2 small boxes;
  • 2 medium boxes;
  • 1 roll of tape; and
  • 1 lock

You will be able to store everything that you need for college and will accumulate over the years you will be attending.

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Labor Day

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