6 Family Friendly Games to Play in the Car

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6 Family Friendly Games to Play in the Car


Games-For-Kids-In-The-CarMoving is hard enough without your children complaining about a lengthy car ride…

Remembering to keep games in the car is a hassle and it can take up precious space that you sometimes cannot afford. Watching movies in the car can be a good way to entertain your kids, but not the best way to encourage interaction and fun family conversation.

Keeping children entertained is no easy task, but here are 6 family friendly games to play in the car with the kids!


Color Game

The family picks a color and every time you see a car that color you shout it out and get a point. See who can get the most point before you reach your destination!

Alphabet Game

Each person in the car tries to complete the alphabet before everyone else. You can do this by starting with the letter A and finding businesses or signs that start with that letter and shouting them out! For example: Annabelle’s Restaurant. You can also play this game using license plates, the first character on the plate has to be the letter of the alphabet that you need!

Sentence to a Story

This game can be really entertaining for the entire family. It starts by the first person saying a sentence, and then the next person adds another sentence to continue on what the first person said. The story can last until someone decides to end it!

Road Role Play

Have your family travel with a theme. You can all dress up as pirates as you make your way across the road seas. Sing pirate songs and use pirate language, even schedule your stops according to your theme.

I Spy

A classic game that is known to most, the first player ‘spies’ something and everyone else takes turns to try and figure it out. Whoever guesses correctly gets to be the next person to spy something! Ex: “I spy with my little eye, something red.”

Unfortunately – Fortunately

This can be a great game and requires just two people per round (more than two can play of course). The first person says a statement that is unfortunate and the other responds to that statement with a fortunately sentence. Ex: ‘Unfortunately, I got shot in the leg last night. Fortunately, the bullet was made of cotton candy” or, “Unfortunately, I have to move my stuff to storage but have no truck. Fortunately, Guardian Self Storage has a free truck available.”

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