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Some self-storage customers come to us simply because they need extra space, but for some the need for self-storage accompanies a life changing experience. Sometimes the change is a positive one, an upcoming marriage or relocation for a new job. However, sometimes the change is upsetting such as a divorce, eviction or death in the family. Intense emotions can impact decision-making and the ability to think clearly, which is why our property managers are trained to help you address concerns and make a well-informed decision during emotional times.

Over the years we have learned that listening to our customers is the first priority. Giving them the time they need to work through the details of the move and their feelings while also providing a listening ear goes a long way in building a relationship built on trust. In talking with our property managers, some of their favorite customers over the years have come in during difficult periods of change and they have since built very strong friendships.

Our property managers have learned that making suggestions without putting anyone on the spot helps empower the customer. Being sensitive to the needs of the customer, even if those needs are unspoken or maybe even unknown to the customer themselves is the linchpin of our successful customer service. Our managers will be the first to tell you their job description includes being able to listen to anything and everything people have on their minds, good or bad and help them find the best storage solution for their situation.