How to Help Your Community This Holiday Season

It’s the season of giving…

A big part of the holiday season is giving to those in need. Whether you are giving clothing, food, money or your time, helping those less fortunate is always appreciated. Helping the communities we live and work in is a very important part of our job at Guardian Self Storage. Throughout the year we help many local organizations with their initiatives as well as carrying out a few of our own! We participate in used clothing drives, coat drives, food drives and so much more!

If you are wondering how you can help local families in need this holiday season, here are a few ideas:

 1: Go through your closets, dressers and storage bins and donate any clothing, shoes or outerwear that does not fit or you have extras of. Many people buy new boots, sweaters or winter coats but never get rid of their old ones. Instead of holding on to these items you may never wear again, donate them to someone who needs them.

2: Hold or participate in a food drive. A food drive does not have to be a lot of work! One of our property managers sent around an email saying she was going to be collecting money to participate in a pasta drive.  Anyone within Guardian who could help gave some money and with that she was able to purchase 37 boxes of pasta and 5 jars of sauce! Every little bit helps someone who went to bed hungry last night!

3: Donate to special causes. This time of the year there are many charities looking to raise money for families in need. If you have extra money to spare, even if it is just a dollar or two, you can make a difference.

4: Donate toys. If you are looking for a fun tradition to start with your children, try having them go through their toys and pick out some toys they do not play with any more, it can be helpful to pick a specific number you feel is right.  You then explain to them that since Santa is going to be bringing them new toys, but first they have to give some toys to little boys and girls who do not have very many. It is a good way to get your children involved in charitable work early on. It also helps lessen the clutter associated with the new influx of toys on Christmas day!

5: Donate blankets. Most people forget that there are other ways than coats to help keep families warm during the winter. Go through your linen closet and if there are any comforters or blankets that you no longer use, donate them. There are many places willing to take them off your hands!

6: Donate to animals. Many people forget that there are also animals that are going without food, warmth or family this year. While organizations like the SPCA do the best they can, they can always use your help. Donating blankets, sheets, towels, food, toys or money can go a long way! Who knows, you may just find a four-legged friend you want to bring home with you!

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Labor Day

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