Holiday Decoration Storage

The Holiday Season is Right Around the Corner

Christmas ornaments in cardboard box.Fall is here, and that means the holidays are just around the corner! Decorating is a fun way to show your holiday spirit, whether it is for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday you may celebrate.

Many people keep their seasonal decorations in a storage unit since storage space at home is limited and with the holidays being so close together, it can be both time consuming and exhausting having to dig out each holiday’s décor each month. At Guardian Self Storage, we feel your pain and have these tips and tricks to save you time and energy this year!

First and foremost, we recommend storing your decorations towards the front of your unit. If that is not possible, we recommend storing them on top of your other boxes and belongings. It is much easier to pull out boxes that are on top of the pile than the bottom!

Second, we recommend storing your decorations in clearly labeled boxes. “Decorations” may not be specific enough if you decorate for several holidays and/or seasons so make sure you include that information as well. It will also be less of a hassle if each is stored in its own box. If there are multiple holidays worth of decorations in one box, it can create extra trips and confusion when selecting which box to bring home.

We also recommend putting the decorations back in your boxes in a neat and organized matter. The neatness of the contents may not affect how your box stacks in the unit, but it will affect your stress level when you have to unpack it again next year!

Lastly, we recommend rotating the boxes as you return them. Putting your box of Halloween decorations on top when you’re done will just make digging out your winter holiday decorations that much more difficult. Rotating your boxes is much easier if you leave a space for a second stack. When you finish with a holiday add it to the top of your second stack. At the end of the year when you are putting away your winter holiday decorations, make those the first boxes of the new stack and then quickly pile up the other boxes from the other stack. If you stack those from top to bottom on your new pile, they should be in chronological order!

The holiday season is a time for friends, family, love and laughter! Don’t let your decoration storage make you feel like the Scrooge this year!

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Labor Day

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