How To: Pack a Moving Truck

Moving is tough, let us help you through it!

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Ever look into the back of an empty moving truck and think “Ok, now what?” Packing a moving truck in an efficient and space-saving manor can save you time and money during your move! Guardian Self Storage is here to help you pack your truck correctly the first time!

The first step in packing a moving truck is making sure you have everything you will need. Important supplies include a dolly, furniture pads, mattress covers and maybe a few friends. These items will make moving and protecting your belongings much easier.

The next step will be loading in your biggest and heaviest items. Items such as appliances and big pieces of furniture should be placed in the back, closest to the cab of the truck. Be sure to distribute the weight across the truck evenly, you do not want one side heavier than the other.

After loading the big stuff into the back, you will want to load your longer, narrower furniture pieces along the two sides of the truck.  This will include your couches, mattresses, headboards, tabletops, etc. Placing them along the sides will not only save space, but it will also help keep them upright during the move.

Your next items will be your largest and heaviest boxes. Placing these boxes in your “empty spaces” such as underneath tables and on top of appliances will help keep your other items in place during the move. After all of your heavy boxes are loaded, you can start adding your smaller and lighter boxes on top.

Your fragile items will come next so they wont be able to move around during your trip from Point A to Point B. Placing these boxes under tables or chairs can provide an extra layer of protection.

Lastly, you can load anything that can be stuffed in to fill the gaps such as bags of towels, linens, clothes, blankets, etc. These items will provide extra padding and stability ensuring all your belongings get to your destination in one piece!

Loading your moving truck is a daunting task when you think about the time and energy it will take, but doing it the right way will make unpacking much easier! It is worth the time to make sure your belongings make it safely in one piece!

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