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Welcome to the first part of a series of interviews with our Guardian Self Storage managers. First up is our Suagerties Property Manager George!

How long have you worked for Guardian Self Storage?
Over 6 years

Which location(s) do you primarily work?
The Saugerties property

What is your favorite thing about working for GSS?
The way that I am treated like GOLD as an employee. Also, I enjoy dealing with the public.

In your opinion, what sets Guardian apart from other self storage companies?
Our superb customer service. I treat my customers like I get treated!

What are some of the most interesting things you have seen people store?
A 10X35TC unit filled almost entirely with yarn. A 4 ft solid chocolate Santa. A 5X15 unit completely filled top to bottom with with “as seen on TV” and home shopping network items, most still new in boxes never opened!

What is the most popular size or type of storage & why do you think that is?
5X10 unit. Probably most popular because it’s the best bang for the buck in long term storage of seasonal items but still a little extra room for small pieces of furniture and extra things.

Tell us more about you; what are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?
My long time hobbies are metal detecting (25 years now) and playing drums and singing in bands (40 yrs!)

We live in the picturesque Hudson Valley. What is your personal favorite part of this area?
The beautiful change of seasons and mountain views, I’m also fortunate to live near the majestic Hudson River.

What advice would you give someone who has never used storage before?
It’s a very easy rental process that can even be completed online. Just do a little advance research on the estimated size you might need and always leave room for a little more. You can always downsize a unit and save money on a smaller unit in the future. We are always happy to help and show a choice in different sizes you how to best use the vertical space available in the unit you rent.

What is the longest you have ever worked with a customer before they decided to rent a storage room?
9 mos. to a year!

What is your most memorable or heartfelt memory about working for Guardian Self Storage?
As an employee of the company, our annual Christmas party is always very memorable and enjoyable. As a manager of the Saugerties property, being able to help those occasionally in need when local tragic events occur and also our annual coat drive for the community. The coat drive is always well received and appreciated!