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At Guardian Self Storage, we are proud to be the leading provider of storage solutions in the Poughkeepsie and surrounding area. We offer 14 different, conveniently-located storage facilities throughout the Hudson Valley. And no matter which location you visit, you’ll enjoy exceptional customer service.

Since we’ve opened our doors, we have always sought out property management professionals who embraced our customer-first approach. That’s why seasoned Property Manager, Rich De Witt has always felt right at home. Recently, we sat down with Rich to learn more about him as a person and what drives his customer-centric approach.

Where Did You Work Before Guardian Self Storage?

My professional background revolves around ensuring customers feel valued and appreciated. Before entering the field of property management, I worked for more than 18 years in the retail environment as a manager. There, I was responsible for inventory management and solving simple to complex customer concerns and complaints.

Eventually, I transitioned into property management at an apartment complex. When I heard the complex was to be sold, I read the writing on the wall. Fortunately, my next and favorite opportunity was just around the corner. I saw an employment ad for Guardian Self Storage and immediately acted on it.

Why Did You Choose Guardian Self Storage?

After working for the apartment complex, I knew I found my knack..or my professional home in property management. When I learned the apartment complex was to be sold, I didn’t exactly know what the next move would be, but I knew I wanted to be in property management. I also knew I wanted to stay local and work with a local business. I love our local community and take a lot of pride in being able to contribute in more ways than one. When I stepped back and looked at my goals, aspirations, and wants, Guardian Self Storage checked all boxes.

What Makes Guardian Unique?

From the moment I started, I was welcomed into the Guardian family. Everyone has been extremely accommodating, friendly, and more like family. I didn’t expect to be treated so well. Today, I get the privilege of ensuring this warm, welcoming culture continues for all employees and customers.

Because employees feel valued, appreciated, and rewarded, it comes through with each customer interaction. And I couldn’t be more privileged to be the purveyor of such a remarkable culture for more than 10 years.

What Does Working Locally Mean to You?

I have had “jobs” before, but Guardian Self Storage means much more. It has become a way of life for me. As I previously mentioned, working locally was very important to me. And I couldn’t have found a more local company. For example, we are very active within our local community. This allows me to get involved with charities that mean a lot to me and my team. It allows me to be a pillar within the community and help improve the lives of others.

Do You Have a Significant Other?

Yes! I am happily married and have been so for about a decade. Currently, we do not have any fur babies of our own. However, we are God Fur Parents to a few pets of friends. We get the best of both worlds — we benefit from having a pet on a part-time schedule with none of the responsibility. We do think we will eventually become pet owners. Right now, we are always on the go, and pet ownership can complicate our busy travel schedules.

What Do You Enjoy When You’re Away from Work?

When I am not at work, you can find me spending time with my spouse. We tend to stay very active. Whether it’s going out to eat or visiting a festival, we love to socialize in and outside of the local community. We enjoy visiting waterfalls and listening to the tranquil sound of running water.

And when we’re not enjoying nature or going on hikes, we love to cut a rug…or dance. We are avid music listeners! I love how music can take me to another place — even if it’s for three minutes. That feeling takes all the negative energy away!!!

We hope you enjoyed this manager spotlight. Our employees are the linchpins of our company and we look forwarding to introducing you to them in the coming months!