Organization Tips: Your Living Room

Keep your living room clutter free in 2015

In a perfect world, our houses would be organized and clutter-free. Overcrowding and built-up clutter cause many of our living rooms to look like a little too much living is going on inside. We have assembled some of our organization tips and tricks for giving your living room a much needed facelift to create an open, inviting living space.

The best way to clear clutter is to empty out one piece of furniture at a time. We recommend starting with the pieces that collect the most clutter like the coffee table, end tables and entertainment center. Take all of the items off of that piece and lay them out (you can keep your TVs and electronics where they are). Comb through the items and trash or properly file anything that shouldn’t be there like old Blu-Ray player manuals, TV channel guides, old mail, etc. Once the trash is out of the way assess what is left. Donate anything you haven’t used in a while or just doesn’t match your style anymore. What remains should be placed back onto the piece of furniture. Repeat those steps for all of your pieces.

Next, it is time to “sweep” the room. Clear out all of your throw pillows, lamps, blankets and small pieces of furniture by moving them to another room for now. This allows you to assess the larger pieces of furniture you have and rearrange or discard as you see fit. Once your larger pieces are set, begin returning your items one-by-one, starting with the small pieces of furniture. A good way to decide what makes the cut is to first decide if you need it or if it looks good when you put it back in the room. If the answer to those questions is no, donate or store it.

You can now begin bringing in your throw pillows, blankets, and lamps. You should limit your blankets to one per large piece of furniture, purchasing a basket or blanket ladder for storage is another option, too. If you have remotes lying around, find a nice tray, bowl or basket for either the coffee table or end table to keep them in.

During this process you may find a few pieces of furniture you decide to part ways with, and that is okay. Those items can be donated, put in storage for later use, or you can store them until spring or summer and have a yard sale! Deciding to have a yard sale will encourage you to get rid of some other built up items throughout the house!

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