Pack Like a Pro: Packing Tips For Your Move

Pack and Protect Your Belongings Like a Pro


Every day people move into new homes, however more people move in the summer. Whether it is the allure of being able to enjoy your new house in beautiful weather or people simply avoiding a frigid move, we are unsure. One thing we know for certain is how to pack for the move.

Fragile signEvery one accumulates stuff they no longer need or want over time. Why waste precious space in a moving truck or storage unit if you do not have to. Have a yard sale and clear the clutter! Not only are you getting rid of stuff to make your move easier, but you are also bringing in some extra cash!

Once you finally get to the packing, save money by utilizing your pillows, towels, and bedding as packing materials. They have to be packed and moved regardless, so why not cushion your fragile belongings with them.

Wondering how to package and protect your fragile or valuable belongings? Here are some tips:

  • Wrap pieces of China individually with clean packing paper and then bundle the pieces in groups of three or four. Place the bundles in a dishpak (these boxes are thicker and provide more protection) with crumpled paper at the bottom.
  • Stuff your stemware with crumpled up clean packing paper and then wrap the outside. Place them stem-up in a dishpak and add some crumpled up paper for buffers.
  • Wrap your mirror with clean packing paper and place in a thin box. Label the box “fragile” and store upright. Laying it down flat and placing other boxes on top could cause the mirror to break.
  • Figurines and vases can be tricky because of their unusual shapes and sizes. To avoid any damage, wrap them in a layer of bubble wrap and then with clean packing paper.
  • When packing electronic equipment, it helps to photograph how the wiring was installed before removing. This will make installation in your new home less of a hassle. Electronics should be packed in original packaging, but if that is not an option, pad the bottom of a box, wrap the device with paper, and then pad the top of the box. Label the box “Fragile- top load,” so it does not get crushed and ruined by your other belongings.
  • Clothing is best packed in wardrobe boxes, which are larger boxes that have a hanging rod inside. They make unpacking your clothes a breeze since they are still on the hanger! Clothing and shoes should be packed and labeled by season, especially if you plan on storing your off season belongings in a storage unit.


Now that you know how to condense and pack your belongings, all that’s left to do is move! Remember, whether you are moving 5 or 500 miles, Guardian Self Storage has the materials you want and the extra space you need!

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