Are You Prepared for Life’s What If’s?

Insurance Can Make the What If’s Less Scary

So, you’ve put your belongings in a storage unit, shut the door, closed the lock and walked away. Regardless of your reason for storing or what you’re storing, there is always that feeling of a weight being lifted off your shoulders as you drive away thinking, “Whew! That part of the move is done!”

Though most self-storage facilities take great care of their properties and provide locking gates and security cameras, no one can be prepared for the “What if…” situations. After all, life happens. Take a minute to think about what would happen if there were a tornado… would you be reimbursed for your damaged belongings? If you have insurance, the answer could be yes! Wouldn’t you feel better if you had insurance for those “just in case” moments?

At Guardian Self Storage we require that all of our units be covered by insurance. We offer Bader Company insurance, which is quality insurance at an affordable price! Their plans range from just $9 a month to $21 a month depending on the level of coverage you want for your belongings. Renters can also use their existing homeowners or renters insurance to cover the storage unit! Bader Company insurance covers a wide range of causes of loss including, but not limited to fire, lightening, windstorms, hail, tornado, hurricane, explosion, smoke, volcanic eruption, earthquakes, certified acts of terrorism, riots, plane or car crash and several more.

When you think of the belongings you have in your storage unit, can you afford not to have insurance? While things such as family photos and keepsakes are irreplaceable, a settlement from an insurance company can go a long way in replacing furniture, clothing and appliances if something bad were to happen.

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