Reusing Packing Paper

Have some extra packing paper from your move?

photo(5)Did you know that there are a lot of fun ways to reuse the packing paper we sell? At Guardian Self Storage we are all about finding interesting and creative ways to reuse your moving supplies after you’re done moving, so here are some of our favorites!

For the Holidays:

–       You can use the packing paper to wrap or add extra protection to those Christmas gifts being sent through the mail!

–       You can use it as a tablecloth for the kid’s table this holiday season! Put a box of crayons out and they will be thrilled they can draw on the tablecloth!

–       You can reuse the packing paper as wrapping paper! Dressing it up with twine, ribbon, stamps or even your own drawings if you’re artistically inclined will add an extra personal touch.

–       You can shred the packing paper into small strips and use it as “fancy” fillers for your gift boxes and baskets!

–       Gift tags! You can use stamps or stickers to create gift tags.

–       You can cut them into snowflakes and stars! This would be a fun craft for the kids, too!

For everyday use:

–       You can use it to wrap CDs and DVD/Blu-ray discs if the cases are lost.

–       You can cut packing paper into squares, clip together at the top and hang on your fridge for notes, shopping lists, etc.

–       You can use it for puppy potty training.

–       Scrap paper: You can use the extra paper as scrap paper for your children’s math homework or even for coloring, painting, etc.

Our packing paper comes in 10 pound packages and the sheets are all 23”x36”! Packing paper and all of our other moving supplies can be purchased at any Guardian Self Storage location!

If you have any ideas on how to reuse packing paper, feel free to comment or send us your photos!

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