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At Guardian Self Storage, we are proud to be the top provider of customized storage solutions in the Hudson Valley. In total, we offer 14 different storage facilities throughout Dutchess County, Orange County, and Ulster County. While each storage facility may be slightly unique and have its own personality, one thing will always be consistent at Guardian Self Storage — world-class customer service.
And at each facility, the Property Manager is the gatekeeper of our culture and dedication to customer service. Let’s take a closer look at our highly-esteemed Saugerties Property Manager— George Fatizzi

What Did You Do Before Joining the Guardian Family?

Before accepting the position of Property Manager at Guardian, I worked at the Daily Freeman newspaper in Kingston, New York. The Daily Freeman is a 7-day-a-week morning newspaper that serves Ulster County as well as parts of Columbia and Greene counties. 

The paper also serves the northern part of Dutchess County. Over my tenure at the Daily Freeman, I really climbed the ranks, starting out in the mailroom as a driver. I was eventually promoted to the Circulation Department as a District Sales Manager, which I worked for 27 years. 

What Prompted You to Leave the Daily Freeman?  

The majority of traditional print publications underwent dramatic changes due to the rise of the Internet and mass digitization. Simply put, subscribers were dropping off dramatically, which led to downsizing. Because of my seniority, I would have been the last District Manager standing in the Circulation Department. At the time, the morale was extremely low and everyone felt as if it was a sinking ship. I decided to pursue other opportunities.

Why Did You Join Guardian Self Storage?

After the writing was on the wall at the Daily Freeman, I started proactively looking for my next position. I was extremely selective because I knew what I wanted and didn’t want in a position. Fortunately, I ran across a job advertisement on Craig’s List — of all places! Once I interviewed, I was extremely excited about the flexibility of the role and the culture at Guardian. 

What Intrigued You about the Property Manager Role? 

One of the most attractive attributes of the Property Manager role was the diverse responsibilities. It included sales, customer service, accounting, maintenance, and more. I get the opportunity to utilize my consultative sales skills, build relationships, and create tailored solutions. 

In addition, the Property Manager role allows me to manage and develop my team members. Most importantly, I am privileged to help people through what may be a troubling or emotional period of their life. Another attractive attribute about joining the Guardian family is how involved they are in the community

What’s a Day in the Life of a Property Manager?

That’s almost an impossible question because no two days are ever the same. While today may involve helping a widower find suitable self-storage solutions for a spouse’s keepsakes, the next day may involve offering best practices for storing a motorcycle or preparing a car for self-storage. From folks wanting to declutter their home, needing additional storage space, moving to and from the area, every scenario involves helping people. And that’s what I love the most. 

What Do You Find the Most Interesting or Surprising About the Position? 

Ummmm…it’s definitely the type of stuff people store in self-storage. The flexibility of Guardian Self Storage units represents one of the key benefits of self-storage. Another really surprising attribute is the number of units some renters have. I think that’s a testament to my team and our customer service. 

And a third thing I didn’t expect was to know as many people as I do. As a local guy, I went to school with many of my clients and know a lot of them from the area. Every day is like a mini class reunion — minus the alcohol-infused embarrassing moments.

When You’re Not at Guardian Self Storage, Who Are You?

I have been a devoted husband to my wife, Cathy, for more than 15 years. I am a proud father to my son Vincent and stepson Stuart. And I am a parent to two amazing cat fur babies, Rocky and Rosie. At the same time, I am and will always be a musician. In fact, that’s how many of my customers know me. I recently retired from a 30-year career of drumming and singing in many local bands including the most recent classic rock band “Hotrod” for almost 18 years.

What’s Something Unique that Few People Know About You?

Have you ever seen those people walking around the beach in the early morning with metal detectors? Yea…that’s me! I’ve been enjoying my hobby of metal detecting since 1995. It’s really awesome digging up history, and I’ve found some amazing things over the years. It’s like owning a time machine when you find something over 200 years old!