Storage Tips for your Holiday Decor

Christmas ornaments in cardboard box.Everybody loves the sight of a decorated Christmas tree and a beautifully decorated house during the holidays, but all of the decorations can turn a joyful time from fun to frustrating in no time. Taking them all out and then putting them all away can really be a headache. We’ve collected a few crafty storage solutions which may help you store those fragile holiday items and save yourself from a the headaches of untangling and dusting them all over again.

Categorize your stuff: Classifying your decor into different categories makes decorating easier for everyone. Each of the family members could be enlisted for one area of the house or one specific task. This team work makes setting up and cleaning up quick, efficient and simple!

Be attentive: Being mindful when you’re storing items helps a lot. Wreaths, wrapping paper and some ornaments are ok to stack in a garage or attic; just make sure to use some durable boxes. Stacking or hanging the boxes saves space and can protect the inner items against dust, dirt and bugs. Giving your decorations a good cleaning before storing will also save you some time on set up next year!

Christmas-tree Storage: Your artificial Christmas trees can last for years if they are treated and stored properly. A durable storage bag or box could be used to store artificial trees as they are highly durable and user friendly. They will protect the tree from gathering dust, keep any existing lights safe and allow for easy moving and storage.

Ornament Storage: Storing fragile items such as candles and precious ornaments in a climate controlled room is essential. Ornaments made with organic matter such as paper, or children’s craft projects with dried food materials should always be stored in sealed containers to prevent contamination.

Breakage prevention: Try using dividers to prevent fragile ornaments and delicate items from breaking. Extra delicate and odd-shaped items should be wrapped with bubble wrap or packing paper to avoid potential damage.

Storing Christmas lights: Never get into a battle with a wad of tangled lights again! Stringing lights around a spool or empty two liter soda bottle will make unraveling your strands of lights a breeze next year!

Wrapping paper storage: Wrapping paper is great when stored in boxes to keep from getting dusty and damaged. Have an empty roll left over from your holiday wrapping? Cut off 2-inch sections, make a cut in one side, slide over your partially used rolls and tape shut. This will keep the rolls cinched tight and prevent tearing and wrinkling.

The holidays are a time of joy, but when the presents have been opened and the guests have gone home, you’ll be left to pack up all of your decorations. Use these tips to pack and store wisely so next year’s decorating won’t be a burden!

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