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It should come as no surprise that the renting landscape has changed dramatically in just a few short weeks. We keep hearing a term that is thrown around where people can’t wait to get back to “business as usual”. Some may argue that there will no longer be “business as usual”, but the one factor that is forgotten is that change, or evolving, in business IS usual. We have embraced this challenge and transformed the way we communicate. Guardian Self Storage has been in business for over 30 years and has always been able to effectively initiate and respond to change on a continuous basis. Our focus is more on improving our practices than the actual change itself. We have proven that we are quickly able to identify, handle, and take advantage of change and simply keep “business as usual”.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has created challenges in our everyday lives. As we do our part to help slow the spread of this disease, we are here to answer your questions and guide you through our newly adopted contact free storage rentals and merchandise sales. We saw this challenge as a call to action. The name “Guardian” means something to us and our renters. It means Protector, Keeper, Caretaker. We want you to feel safe when you choose to rent with us. We have created a service environment that makes it easy for customers to transact with us. We provide a safe renting experience for all of our customers and staff. This pandemic gave us an opportunity to act. We’ve been given a chance to turn things around and stay true to our name. As a result, we are taking one more step towards being “green”. By offering contact free self-storage rentals, we are aiding in social distancing. Our features make sense to our customers. You can now make one less trip to the facility, the agreement paperwork is now downloaded and easier to keep track of and online transactions are quick and easy.

So, how can you sign an agreement if you’re not here? I’m glad you asked! Electronic Signatures. That’s how. E-Sign, for short, means you can sign your document without printing, faxing, or scanning. Today, you can sign anything with a digital signature from government documents to real estate forms. All you need is an internet connected device. This is legally recognized as a viable method to indicate agreement to a contract. You just click and agree.

We invite you to navigate our website to find the best property for you. If you’re not sure what size unit would be best, we have a customizable online calculator to help you choose. But, please do not hesitate to call because responsible, reliable staff are in our offices ready and able to answer your questions and guide you. And if you are a visual person, like myself, we would love for you to visit your new unit before you rent to make sure it’s the right fit. We will share our self-guided practices with you and direct you where you need to go.

Communication is crucial to navigating these new circumstances successfully, so whether you need a storage unit or packing supplies, we are here. Curbside pickup is not just for restaurants. So, when you are ready to store, contact us and see just how easy it will be.

If you have experienced a contact free merchandise sale or storage unit rental, we would love to hear abut your experience! I’m sure your story might even answer someone else’s questions as well. Email you stories to: