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We’re back for our third installment of our mini series featuring tips and tricks from our very own experts- Guardian Self Storage Property Managers.

On temperature controlled storage
Temperature control in my opinion and experience is more of a preference. However, if you are storing items such as artwork, candles or anything that the elements can compromise it may be a good idea to take advantage of temperature control. Almost anything otherwise will survive in traditional storage as long as it is properly cared for. One thing a long term traditional customer may want to consider is repacking their boxes every few years as the changes in the weather can weather the cardboard over time. When storing a vehicle, it is actually more appropriate to store such an item with as close to a full tank of gas as possible (sounds weird) but the fumes are what is most flammable.

Always check with the manufacturer if you have any questions on how an item may do in a non -temperature controlled environment. Most things should do just fine as long as the humidity isn’t horrible, but if there is any worry the manufacturer knows best.

Temperature controlled storage is the best for longer term storage and anything like computers, oil paintings, photographs, etc.

Items that do best in temp control units would be fine furniture, sensitive electronics, old photos, records, films etc.

Candles, snow globes, fine art, photos, rare books or anything that can’t handle moisture or extreme fluctuations in temperature or humidity should be stored in temperature controlled units. Electronics are usually fine in non-temperature controlled units as long as they are allowed to get to room temperature before plugging them in.

Electronics, Antiques, Paintings, Photos, Candles and anything that is heat/cold sensitive should be stored.

If you access your unit frequently you may want a TC unit so you have lighted hallways and you are comfortable in the Summer & Winter.

On outside storage (available at select locations)
Outside storage is good for motorcycles, RV’s, cars, boats and even trampolines!

Outside storage is great for off-season toys, boats, campers, and RV’s or just a place to store them if you live in an apartment or home where you don’t have the room to keep them.

Outside storage: Its easy to swing in to pick up a boat, RV, jet, skis, snowmobiles, or switch cars when you have 24 hour access. Also, the property is well lit, fully fenced in, and gated.

On storing in general
Decide without help, what size space is best for you. How often will you enter it? How much are you putting in there? Temperature Control is a nice option to keep items in a home environment helping with humidity and extreme temps. Outside space gets that eyesore vehicle off your property. Seasonal items like campers/RV have a place to go that is safe. Motorcycles have a home too. If you live in an apartment/condo and the weather will not allow you to ride, store it here. When you’re ready to rice, park your car in our lot and take the bike out whenever you wish. Whatever your situation might be, we are here to help.

Don’t place cardboard boxes directly on the concrete; it creates condensation.

Don’t just fill your unit and forget about it. Check on items frequently as sometimes items can shift.

Bay leaves and dryer sheets deter spiders.

Charcoal in a pan absorbs moisture.

Well, there you have it! We hope you’ve learned a few things you’ll utilize in your moving and storing experience! Stay tuned for part four when our Property Managers will share more of their insights and pro tips!