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Welcome to part one our five-part mini series featuring tips and tricks from our very own experts – Guardian Self Storage Property Managers. Today’s article will feature tips and tricks on unpacking your boxes in an organized and efficient manner. If you’ve ever unpacked from a move before, it is no secret things can get a little messy. Between trying to decide exactly where your furniture will go in your new home and sorting through your knick-knacks it can seem like a never-ending battle with clutter. Read their tips and tricks to ensure your next unpacking experience runs smoothly!

Unpacking the truck into your home or storage unit:
Park the moving truck as close as possible to your storage unit or home.

It’s best to meet your mover at the storage place and supervise them if you want things done right. If possible, try to leave a narrow middle aisle to maneuver in the unit and put the items you will least need to access in first like large furniture and such. Don’t let them pack the unit too high as you want to be able to be within your reach and you don’t want to create a strenuous situation. That’s another reason why a little bigger is better when storing: Safety First!

Pack large items (ie. Sofas, chairs, beds) at the back of the unit, and smaller items and boxes and totes towards the front of the unit.

Do not place boxes or items that can fall forward too close to the storage unit door. Sometimes they can fall against the door making it difficult to open.

Boxes and totes can be placed under tables; kitchen chairs can be stored seat to seat.

Unpacking the boxes:
Place boxes in the garage or basement and bring only a couple of boxes in at a time.

If removing items from a traditional storage room such as electronics, always allow them time to acclimate back to room temperature before operating to avoid condensation. This is key in both extreme cold and extreme heat.

Unpack room by room. One finished room can have you feeling accomplished and ready to continue onward to complete the rest. Random unpacking can leave a messy cluttered feeling that can be overwhelming and dragging.

Items not needed should go in the back of the storage unit; therefore they should be put on the moving truck last.

Make sure to label the boxes as you are packing. This allows you to unpack what you need, as you need it. Dishes would be needed before Christmas decorations, so make sure you know which box has what in it. It will make it easier to unpack.

Make sure the boxes are completely empty before you discard.

Use Legal File Handle Boxes so you can take a part and re-use and there is no tape required.

First don’t stress. It will get done. If boxes are labeled, you will know what’s inside and what room to bring it too. After unpacking, unfold all boxes and store them flat to reuse another time. They will store much easier and take up less space if flattened.

Now that you’ve learned tips and tricks from the pros on moving, packing and unpacking, stay tuned for part two of our five-part mini series to learn our Property Managers’ tips to make moving a snap!