Tips for Storing Vehicles, Motorcycles and other Summer Toys

It is almost time to store your beloved toys for the winter

A trickle charger being used  on one of our units

A trickle charger being used on one of our units

Labor Day has come and gone which means that cooler weather is right around the corner. When colder weather returns to the Hudson Valley, many people make the wise decision to store their motorcycles, dirt bikes, four wheelers, classic cars and convertibles to protect them from the damages and deterioration that can occur until the sunny, warm weather returns again next year. Storing anything with an engine requires some preparation, so we’ve compiled a list of tips so that you can avoid frustration next spring!

1. Location is important! Not only do you want to protect your beloved vehicle or recreational vehicle from the elements, you want to make sure you are utilizing a dark and dry space. The added element of security is a huge plus for self-storage facilities!

2. Clean before storing! When storing many people think about the engine and battery but forget about the interior and exterior! Cleaning everything thoroughly (yes… that includes dusting, vacuuming and waxing).

3. Fluids! In order to keep your internal workings well maintained, it is suggested that fresh fluids are used. Change out the oil and filter, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid right before storing. You should also completely fill your tank with fresh, high-quality fuel. Leaving a half empty tank causes condensation and you do not want water in your gas tank!

4. The battery! When it comes to the battery, you have two options; disconnecting and completely removing it or connecting to a battery maintainer such as a trickle charger.

5. Tires! Be sure to inflate the tires to the proper air pressure. If you’re worried about the tires developing flat spots from sitting all winter long, you can use jack stands on the outermost points of the suspension.

Although you may be sad to store your car or recreational vehicle for the winter, remember taking the extra steps before hand will get you up and running faster in the spring! For questions on which unit sizes would work for you, contact Guardian Self Storage at 877-416-0606!

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Labor Day

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