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The new trend of working from home comes with a lot of advantages. However, when using your home as a dual living and work space, it’s important to make it as relaxing as possible. Daily stress can take its toll, but having a place to unwind and enjoy life can make a big difference. These ideas from Guardian Self Storage can help you transform your home into one that can truly benefit you.

Add Soft, Comfortable Touches

Plush blankets, suede pillows, and cushioned area rugs are some of the soft, comfortable touches that could add something special to your space. Put them throughout your home, including in your work area, so they add texture, comfort, and beauty. Don’t forget a cozy chair to curl up in.

One important thing to remember when creating a cozy space is that less is more. If you want to add seasonal touches, swap them out accordingly instead of adding more items.

Use Self-Storage to Give You More Space

Utilizing self-storage can be an extremely beneficial way to reclaim and free up space in your home. This, in turn, can create a much more enjoyable and tranquil atmosphere, making your home feel inviting and comfortable. With Guardian Self Storage, you can store away items for as long as necessary, giving you the freedom to reorganize and declutter with ease. Not only does this help make things look better, but it also helps reduce stress from clutter and provides more room to move around, allowing you to truly appreciate the living space you have.

Incorporate Artwork

There are more places than ever where you can buy artwork that makes you feel a certain way, and it’s even said that some art can have an effect on anxiety. Shop online or in person, or you can display your own art. Exhibiting images, such as photographs you took of your favorite spots, can be a great way to conjure up positive memories. 

Establish Serenity in Your Backyard

Make the most of your backyard if you have one. Space permitting, consider setting up an outdoor kitchen with features like a refrigerator, grill, sink, and an outdoor-rated range hood so you have a relaxing area to utilize by yourself and for entertaining. Other options to consider include setting up a hammock and a birdbath. 

If you have some welding skills, you can do even more to create a beautiful backyard oasis. There are many great projects for beautifying and organizing your backyard; maybe make a hose reel hanger, new fire pit, or even a garden trellis from found objects. But if you get stuck, you can visit for tips on how to troubleshoot defective welds, make solid corner welds, and more. 

Set Up a Put-Away Time

According to VeryWell Mind, mess can have a negative impact on your mental state. Every day, try setting aside 15 minutes where you pick up and put away anything that isn’t in its designated space. It allows you to go to bed knowing your space is orderly and lets you wake up in the morning to an organized home. 

Create a Relaxing Workplace

With all the stress that can come with work, make your work area one you look forward to being in. For example, consider a digital organization system to avoid excess paperwork, but don’t forget to properly back up your information. To stay on top of your busy agenda, figure out a schedule to display that works best for you, whether it’s a digital calendar, a large desk calendar, or a wall calendar. That way you’ll always know what you’re supposed to be doing at any given time.

Incorporate Plants

Those who love plants may find happiness in simply looking at images of them around their home, but per Healthline, actually taking care of plants can be great for stress management and may even help boost productivity. Plants can also have a positive effect on emotions. Put plants in various areas of your home, just make sure to consider the well-being of pets and kids before going shopping. Even if you’re not great at plant care, there are many beautiful, low-maintenance options available.

Indoor and Outdoor Peaceful Spaces

Finding a way to have a healthy work/life balance even when you work and live in the same space is incredibly important. From setting up a stress-free home office to finding the perfect painting for your living room and designing an outdoor kitchen, there are many ways to revamp your home for relaxation and health. Don’t settle for a chaotic living and working space. You deserve to have your home consistently offer you peace and tranquility.

Do you need to clear out some room to make your living and working space more functional? Then trust Guardian Self Storage with your storage needs. We have a variety of unit sizes to meet your storage needs. Contact us today to secure your storage unit!