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 Whose Stuff Stays and Whose Stuff Goes?


Couple Moving Into New House

With the 2014 wedding season officially upon us, we want to dedicate this blog to all the newlywed couples that are tying the knot this year.  When you get married and move in together, you suddenly have to deal with one big detail that may have slipped your mind during the planning process; what are you going to do with all of your stuff? With two couches, two beds, two sets of dishes, two of everything, but only enough room for one, this happy period can turn stressful quick. The good news is Guardian Self Storage is here to help with a variety of storage unit sizes to fit all of your stuff… or theirs… that did not make the final cut.


Regardless of whose couch stays and whose dishes go, here are some tips that can help take the pain out of the move and keep the honeymoon phase going strong:

 1.  If you are having a tough time deciding whose couch will work best in your new home, try thinking outside the box. Which couch fits best with your new color scheme? Which one is in the best condition and will last the longest? If you cannot come to an agreement, sell both couches and buy one you both will enjoy. Fighting over a couch to the point one of you ends up sleeping on it is just not worth it.

2.  You should each have your own space to go when you need a break. Each of you should keep one item you love and put it in your space. This works great for that recliner you love but your spouse cannot stand or the movie your spouse loves to watch that makes your skin crawl.

3.  Discuss things like who will clean bathrooms and who will do the dishes before hand. Adjusting to being together 24/7 is tough enough with out the added stress of house chores on top of it.

4.  Work out your budget before hand. If you already know who is paying what and how much it will be when the first round of bills rolls around, you will have nothing to fight about. It will also help both of you adjust to the new spending habits you’ll have.

5.  Have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to splash some paint on your spouse when they least expect it or act like kids and build a fort out of your empty boxes, crawl inside, and sip some wine. You will look back on these moments years from now and be reminded of the joy you had when you first got married.


Moving is stressful whether you’re single, a newlywed, or have been married twenty years. When you start to feel irritated with your new spouse, it is important to remember that you are just beginning your wonderful lives together.  If you are living together for the first time, be patient. Remember, both of you are finding things out about each other that you never knew before. Embrace the change and continue making memories to look back on 50 years from now.

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