Trade Show and Fair Display Storage

The show is over, now where do you store your display?

Man between boxesMany offices in our area lack a decent amount of storage space and if your business participates in trade shows, expos or fairs you may be faced with a pile of equipment and products necessary for your display, but no where to put it!

If you are one of those businesses, this blog is for you!! Many of the supplies you use for trade shows, expos, or fairs are customized with logos, contact information, specific designs, and product branding. The customized items along with other items such as booths, tables and backdrops are an expensive investment that you expect (and need) to last. An important part of choosing where to store your items is deciding on a location that makes you feel safe with locking devices, exterior lighting and security cameras.

We recommend choosing a temperature-controlled storage unit so that those displays are not exposed to extreme temperatures and other weather events. Another perk of choosing a self-storage facility like Guardian Self Storage is access to a free box truck! That could save you and your co workers time and energy, especially if your display includes big, bulky backdrops and booths.

Having a self storage unit is a huge plus for any business, most especially yours. Not only will it eliminate clutter in your office that builds up due to lack of storage, but it will also provide you with the peace of mind knowing your equipment is safe and secure. With units located throughout Dutchess, Orange and Ulster counties, it is easy to store your items close by for quick access when a trade show or event comes up. Businesses who rent office space from our Poughkeepsie location also have the added bonus of climate-controlled storage right there in the same building!

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Labor Day

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