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Moving to another city or state can be difficult enough, but imagine having to move all of your belongings to another country? Many Americans move abroad, whether it is for a semester of college or a permanent job. We have compiled a list of our favorite tips to make your international move more manageable.

When you are deciding whether or not to move all of your furniture over seas, the first thing you should do is decide where you are going to be staying once you get there. Many people decide furnished apartments or houses are easier to manage in a new country.

If you do decide to bring your furniture, make sure you evaluate the space you will have. Most Asian and European homes are smaller than American homes and as a result you could end up with too much furniture and nowhere to put it. If your move isn’t permanent, finding a storage unit in the states will probably be a more feasible option. If you don’t plan on coming back to America, a good ol’ fashioned yard sale can give you some extra cash to help with the move!

When deciding what clothing to bring with you for your move, be sure to take into account the climate of your new home. Only bring clothes that you will get use out of (save money, don’t bring your heavy parka with you to hot climates). Another helpful tip will be to learn how that country sizes their clothes so you already know what size to buy when you go shopping for the first time!

Before you pack up your TV and other electronics, be sure to check out whether or not your equipment will even work in your new country. Many foreign countries use different plugs, but even if you have an adapter the voltages are different, too! In most countries 220v is standard, but in America the standard is 120v. There is no sense in bringing your electronics if they’re just going to short out as soon as you plug them in!

Remember, most mobile phones are capable of adjusting so you can bring that along with you! Also, don’t leave the camera behind. Most digital cameras run off batteries and you will want photos for memories!

Other Items:
You will have to do some research to see if you will be able to get your prescription medicines overseas. Be sure to bring at least a two months supply to give you plenty of time to get situated and find a doctor for a refill!

Most importantly, don’t lose or forget your important paperwork. Keep your valid passport, driver’s license, birth certificate and other documents on you during the move so you’re not relying on someone else’s common sense to get them there! You should also gather your full medical history from your doctor’s office as well as a list of emergency numbers you may need once you arrive in your new country.

Moving to a new country, whether for 6 months, 6 years or forever is both exciting and scary. Try not to let the stress of the move outweigh the excitement of the adventure that is lying ahead! Guardian Self Storage has helped many people keep their belongings safe and secure while living abroad and we can help you, too!