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Items and valuables can at times become an afterthought once placed in storage. Although most people do their best to keep their storage units organized, they often don’t consider the best way to maintain everything in pristine condition. This is especially true for clothing, which often gets put into a box or placed in a container.
If this is the case for you, you may want to consider the amazing benefits of premium wooden hangers. More durable and reliable, wooden hangers are excellent for preserving your clothing. In addition to offering a luxurious appeal and boasting unrivaled durability, wooden hangers can open the door to a host of other benefits. Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider using wooden hangers for your self-storage unit. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals at Guardian Self Storage for all of your self-storage needs.

Why Choosing Specific Types Of Hangers Actually Matter

You may be thinking to yourself, “That seems like a waste of time” or “Why can’t I just use plastic hangers?” Unless you work in clothing retail or fashion, chances are you don’t fully understand the impact hangers can have on clothing.

What About Plastic Hangers?

For example, plastic hangers do a poor job of maintaining a garment shape, shortening its overall lifespan. They are also flimsy and prone to clothing slipping off, making them unreliable. And if the garment is too heavy, plastic hangers will crack and break. Although they may be cheaper initially, having to repeatedly buy plastic hangers can quickly add up.

NO Wire Hangers!

We couldn’t write a piece about clothes hangers and not pay homage to the iconic Mommie Dearest movie. Now that’s out of our system, let’s talk about why metal hangers may not be the way to go.
Like plastic hangers, metal wire hangers also do a poor job at maintaining your clothing’s shape and are prone to slippage. In addition, they are also susceptible to rust, which can permanently damage an otherwise perfect piece of clothing.

Wooden Hangers Are Up to the Task

When it comes to the best hangers for self storage, wooden hangers are in a class of their own. For starters, wood frames have none of the above issues. Unlike plastic and wire hangers, wood hangers are sturdy and won’t bend over time. Their strong design is better equipped at maintaining the shape of clothing, especially heavier items such as jackets, winter coats, and jeans. If you want your button up shirts to have a clean shaped collar or want your dresses to keep their delicate design, wooden hangers are a must have.

Protect Your Clothing in Storage from Moths and Bugs with Wooden Hangers

Not all hangers are equal in terms of quality and functionality, especially when it comes to storage. Wooden hangers are superior due to their ability to naturally repel critters such as bugs and moths from your clothing. When clothing is stored away for months on end, such as winter tweed jackets or pieces with delicate lacework, all it takes is a couple of insects to ruin the quality of your clothing. And because clothes left in self storage for extended periods of time can adopt a stale smell, scented wooden hangers can help you garments remain fresh and ready to go on demand.

Wooden Hangers Are Key for Delicate Clothing

Also, keeping your clothing on a wooden hanger instead of a box or container prevents creases from damaging the quality of your clothing. Once a delicate piece of clothing has been in a folded state for a long time, good luck getting it back to its original state. Leaving your clothes to hang with a quality wooden hanger makes a huge difference in the long run when it comes to extending its overall lifespan.

Not All Wooden Hangers Are Created Equal

Just because it’s a wooden hangar doesn’t mean it will provide all the qualities listed above. Yes, even the cheapest of wooden hangers are arguably better than most plastic or wire hangers but be sure to look for the important details. Wooden hangers should have sturdy shoulders to properly support your clothing, notches to support straps in place or prevent cloth from falling, and a support bar that is resistant to clothing creasing or slipping. Here are a few key points to consider when looking for wooden hangers:

  • Cedar wooden hangers are top of the line. This wood will repel moths and other insects.
  • Look for notched arms for hanging dresses or strappy tops
  • Thick curved hangers are ideal for jackets and tailored suits as well as evening wear, robes, and sweaters. The accented curve helps protect your garments and offer the support for heavier clothing.
  • If you are storing pants, consider using wooden hangers with clamps or trouser bars.

Can I Afford Wooden Hangers for Self Storage?

Chances are, buying quality wooden hangers will cost you more money up front, but it’s absolutely worth it in the long haul for the quality of your clothing to stay intact. Look at it this way: if insects or moths destroy your clothing in storage, it will cost you a lot more to replace the clothing than it would’ve to purchase premium wooden hangers in the beginning.

Of course, using the proper hangers to store your clothing is only half the battle when it comes to storage. Fortunately, the team at Guardian Self Storage has outlined some of the top tips and tricks for storing your belongings in a self storage unit.

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